Description of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian

A fragrant extract derived from the flowers of the Lavandula Officinalis plant, Lavender Absolute Bulgarian is one of the most luxurious ingredients across the entire fragrance industry. The material’s aroma carries an incredibly rich, sweet, and herbaceous top note, with a tenacious floral undertone reminiscent of fresh lavender flowers. As time goes on, lavender absolute’s odor becomes woodier and more herbaceous, with a pleasant sweet undertone. In fragrance, lavender absolute can be found in a variety of floral, citrus, and woody perfumes, particularly those that include ingredients such as labdanum or patchouli. The material is also used as a masking agent in certain formulations, as the strength and tenacity of its aroma can easily overpower less pleasant odors.

Botanical Name of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian

Lavandula Angustifolia

Appearance of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian

Dark Green Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian


Refractive Index of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian

1.4660 - 1.4760 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Lavender Absolute Bulgarian

0.9110 - 0.9210 @ 25C

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