Description of Lemon Oil California

Still retaining all the piney notes of a typical lemon oil, Lemon Oil California tends to be sweeter and more aldehydic than its European and South American counterparts. The green top note of the classic lemon aroma is still there, though the California lemon’s sweet citral note is more prominent, evoking a strong candy-like odor. Californian lemon oil is used across the personal care spectrum, offering a juicy lemony top note to various fragrance formulations. In flavor, lemon oil California finds heavy usage within candies and beverage flavorings, particularly those of soft drinks.
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Aroma & Flavor of Lemon Oil California

Refreshing and sweet, with a fruity citrus aroma that blends well with other citrus and floral ingredients. Flavor is sour and citrusy, with a slight antiseptic quality.

Botanical Name of Lemon Oil California

Citrus limonum

Appearance of Lemon Oil California

Yellow-Green Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Lemon Oil California

Cold Expression

Principle Constituents of Lemon Oil California


Synonyms of Lemon Oil California

BJ Type 1P58826202

Refractive Index of Lemon Oil California

1.4730 - 1.4760 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Lemon Oil California

0.8490 - 0.8550 @ 25C

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