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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2022

Lime oil is entering an all-time high due to greatly increased demand for fresh limes. Limes play a crucial role in the foods of countless cultures, and as such the majority of available material goes towards the fresh market.

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Description of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

The vast majority of the world’s lime crop is grown throughout the southern Mexican states of Michoacán and Colima. While much of this production goes towards fresh consumption, a significant portion of limes are converted into Lime Oil Mexican C.P. Type A; an oil cold-pressed from the peels of Citrus aurantiifolia fruits. This oil’s aroma is keenly reminiscent of fresh lime, with a sweet, tangy, and aldehydic top note. During the process of extraction, Mexican lime oil is allowed to mingle with the fruit’s juices, providing a much more tangy and juicy odor than other lime varieties. Mexican “Type A” lime oil also has the benefit of being much lighter in color than other cold-pressed lime oils.

Botanical Name of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

Citrus aurantifolia (christman) swingle

Appearance of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

Brown-Green Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

Cold Expression

Principle Constituents of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A


Refractive Index of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

1.4820 - 1.4860 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Lime Oil Mexican CP Type A

0.8720 - 0.8810 @ 25C

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