Description of Litsea Terpenes

Extracted from the essential oils of the Litsea Cubeba plant, Litsea Terpenes impart an intensely fresh and citrusy aroma. Similar to the oils from which they are derived, litsea terpenes have a sweet and uniform drydown, though they retain a much drier and terpenic odor. Litsea Cubeba is also known as Chinese “May Chong” in some regions due to the plant’s historical origins.

Botanical Name of Litsea Terpenes

Litsea cubeba(lour.) pers.

Appearance of Litsea Terpenes

Pale Yellow Liquid



EXTRACTION method of Litsea Terpenes


Refractive Index of Litsea Terpenes

1.4400 - 1.4820 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Litsea Terpenes

0.8000 - .08850 @ 25C

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