Description of Mentha Citrata Oil

Sometimes referred to as “Bergamot Mint” for its oily, sweet, and terpenic undertones, Mentha Citrata Oil is steam-distilled from the Mentha Citrata plant. Its aroma somewhat resembles bergamot, with a fruity and fresh top note. However, mentha citrata oil’s dry down is sweeter and lighter than true bergamot, retaining a floral and candy-like nuance. In flavor, the oil is mainly used to enhance the sweet and fruity notes of bergamot compositions, particularly those found within candy products. Mentha citrata is also used in fragrance, working well alongside perfumery ingredients such as lavandin, petitgrain, and (of course) bergamot.

Botanical Name of Mentha Citrata Oil

Mentha citrata

Appearance of Mentha Citrata Oil

Pale Yellow Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Mentha Citrata Oil

Steam Distillation

Refractive Index of Mentha Citrata Oil

1.4490 - 1.4690 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Mentha Citrata Oil

0.8750 - 0.8950 @ 25C

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