Description of Olibanum Resin

A natural gum resin produced by the tiny Boswellia serrata tree, Olibanum Resin is also widely known as “Frankincense” and has been a crucial component of the fragrance industry since its earliest inception. Originally produced in India and Arabia, this resin has an incredibly fresh and balsamic aroma, with dry and slightly green undertones. In perfumery, olibanum resin is often used as a fixative ingredient for spicy, woody, or citrusy accords, imparting a dry and lemon-like contrast. Olibanum is particularly popular among fine fragrance blends that incorporate ingredients such as mimosa, orange flower, and labdanum.

Botanical Name of Olibanum Resin

Boswellia spp.

Appearance of Olibanum Resin

Red-Brown Solid



EXTRACTION method of Olibanum Resin


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