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Latest Market Info: Aug, 2023

Prices of orange products are moving up; good quality oil will have a premium charge due to rising costs.

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Description of Orange Essence Oil

Unlike all other types of orange oil, Orange Essence Oil is extracted from the juices of sweet oranges, rather than their peels. This process creates an incredibly intense sweetness, with a zesty tang that heavily resembles the fruit’s own flesh. This juicy oil is used for a variety of orange-flavored products, from soft drinks to sherbet to hard candies. Its intense citrusy odor also makes it a staple of old-fashioned colognes and male perfumes, as the fruity nuance of its sweetness pairs exceptionally well with more aldehydic ingredients.

Aroma & Flavor of Orange Essence Oil

Incredibly sweet and zesty, with a powerful citrus flavor reminiscent of fresh fruit juice. Also contains a fresh, somewhat fruity aldehydic nuance.

Botanical Name of Orange Essence Oil

Citrus sinensis (l.) osbeck

Appearance of Orange Essence Oil

Colorless Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Orange Essence Oil

Non-Concentrated Extract

Principle Constituents of Orange Essence Oil


Refractive Index of Orange Essence Oil

1.4650 - 1.4780 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Essence Oil

0.8400 - 0.8510 @ 25C

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