Description of Orange Juice Oil BJ

A unique compound of Berjé’s own creation, Orange Juice Oil BJ N&A is a product that captures the distinctive taste and smell of fresh-squeezed orange juice. The perfect combination of pulpy and acidic notes, this oil has a powerful “juice” profile that comes through in both flavor and fragrance applications. Orange juice oil is often found in beverages and candies, adding a sweet and juicy flavor to orange or citrus-based products. In perfumery, Berjé’s orange juice oil imparts a powerful orange note that blends well with other citrus and floral ingredients.

Appearance of Orange Juice Oil BJ

Orange Liquid

Refractive Index of Orange Juice Oil BJ

1.4590 - 1.4790 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Juice Oil BJ

0.8410 - 0.8610 @ 25C

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