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Latest Market Info: Aug, 2023

Orange oil pricing remains largely unchanged in global markets. Mexico's orange crop was quite good this year, and new material should enter the essential oils market by the end of January. Current orange harvest is focused on the production of NFC juice.

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Description of Orange Oil 10x

Similar to Orange Oil 5x, this material has had its terpenes drastically reduced to create an even more potent “orange” aromatic profile. Orange Oil 10x has a massive increase in aldehydes, creating an intensely refreshing top note heavily reminiscent of fresh oranges. This odor is paired with a uniquely dry and aldehydic character that presents itself when smelled neat. Similar again to the 5x material, orange oil 10x is best used in beverage and candy applications, where low terpene content is desirable.

Botanical Name of Orange Oil 10x

Citrus aurantium var. dulcis

Appearance of Orange Oil 10x

Deep Red-Orange Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Orange Oil 10x

Terpene-Less Essential Oil

Principle Constituents of Orange Oil 10x


Refractive Index of Orange Oil 10x

1.4750 - 1.4870 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Oil 10x

0.8600 - 0.8850 @ 25C

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