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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2023

Orange oil pricing remains largely unchanged in global markets. Mexico's orange crop was quite good this year, and new material should enter the essential oils market by the end of January. Current orange harvest is focused on the production of NFC juice.

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Description of Orange Oil 5x

Orange Oil 5x is a folded citrus oil that concentrates the aromatic properties of orange oil into a much more potent form. The folding process results in an oil that is much more aldehydic and “peely,” strongly reminiscent of fresh oranges. Orange oil 5x also benefits from increased solubility due to the reduced number of terpenes within the material. Within flavor, folded orange oil is heavily used for beverages and candies; products in which solubility and high-impact top notes are particularly important. Orange oil 5x also finds use in fragrance when blended with similar terpeneless citrus oils, imparting a refreshing and zesty aroma.

Botanical Name of Orange Oil 5x

Citrus aurantium var. dulcis





EXTRACTION method of Orange Oil 5x

Terpene-Less Essential Oil

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