Description of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

Orange Oil Bitter is cold-pressed from the fragrant peels of Citrus aurantium fruits, which are mainly produced in Brazil. The botanical is endemic to Southeast Asia but rapidly spread to many regions throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas during the early 20th century after becoming popularized as an ingredient within fragrance. Orange Oil Bitter is also a key component of many different orange liqueur and soft drink flavors, as it imparts a rich body and bittersweet twist to traditional sweet orange profiles. In perfume, Orange Oil Bitter pairs well with lavender, rosemary, and clary sage.

Aroma & Flavor of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

Aroma is intensely fresh and rich, with a bittersweet top note that imparts a unique “dry” quality to citrus perfumes. As time goes on, the aroma becomes sweeter and more floral, with pungent undertones of ripened citrus fruit. The flavor of this oil is similarly fresh and bittersweet, retaining a distinctive floral quality that separates it from other citrus oils.

Botanical Name of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

Citrus aurantium

Appearance of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

Yellow-Brown Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

Cold Expression

Principle Constituents of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil


Refractive Index of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

1.4720 - 1.4760 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Oil Bitter Brazil

0.8450 - 0.8510 @ 25C

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