Description of Orange Oil S.A.

Often considered to be the most traded essential oil by volume in the entire industry, Orange Oil SA is emblematic of orange oil’s most signature traits. The oil is cold-pressed from the peels of the Citrus x sinensis fruit, also known as sweet orange, and does not undergo the steam distillation process more common to other essential oils. Orange oil midseason carries a fresh, juicy, citrusy aroma, with a strong aldehydic top note and sweet dry down. The application of orange oil midseason varies greatly depending on the industry, with the material seeing use in everything from juice flavorings to high-class perfume. The supreme versatility of orange oil, coupled with its widespread availability, has made the midseason variety a staple of the global essential oils industry.

Aroma & Flavor of Orange Oil S.A.

Aroma is light, sweet, and refreshingly aldehydic. Its flavor is similarly sweet and light, with a distinctive fruity note reminiscent of freshly-scratched orange peels.

Botanical Name of Orange Oil S.A.

Citrus sinensis l. osbeck





EXTRACTION method of Orange Oil S.A.

Cold Expression

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