Description of Patchouli Oil Indonesian

Grown and distilled throughout the steep hillsides of Indonesia’s many islands, Patchouli Oil Indonesian is derived from the rough and earthy Pogostemon cablin herb. This oil is heavily used in fragrance, forever immortalized by its inclusion within the main structure of the “Chypres” perfume family. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of patchouli oil, as the plant thrives within warm and tropical environments. The warm, earthy, and slightly camphoraceous aroma of Indonesian patchouli makes it an ideal choice as a substantive middle or base note within fine fragrance.

Botanical Name of Patchouli Oil Indonesian

Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) (Benth.)




Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) (Benth.)

EXTRACTION method of Patchouli Oil Indonesian

steam distillation

Flavor Usage
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Harvest Schedule of Patchouli Oil Indonesian


Jul, 23rd

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