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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2023

Peppermint prices from all domestic origins continue to rise. This is largely due to the Midwest drought, which has struck many growing regions including Northern California, Salt Lake, and other areas of the American West. Certain farmers have also refused to plant peppermint in recent years due to the crop's declining value in comparison to food crops such as corn and wheat. This "value" issue has been exacerbated by the global food shortage brought on by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Description of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima

Named for the river valley in Washington State in which it is grown, Peppermint Oil Yakima is steam-distilled from the Mentha piperita herb and is one of the most common grades of peppermint oil produced in the United States. Peppermint was originally introduced to the US in the early 1800s and the nation is largely responsible for peppermint oil’s prevailing reputation as one of the most popular flavor additives across the world today. The oil’s trademark bitterness is well represented in this variety of mint, though it still retains the fresh green top note and underlying sweetness typical of peppermint. Yakima peppermint oil has a rich, balsamic, and minty-sweet dry down, making it a popular addition to candies, chewing gums, and other common peppermint products.

Botanical Name of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima

Mentha piperita

Appearance of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima


Principle Constituents of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima


Refractive Index of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima

1.4590 - 1.4650 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Peppermint Oil Piperita Yakima

0.8960 - 0.9080 @ 25C

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