Description of Pimento Berry Oil

Pimento Berry Oil is steam-distilled from the dried peppercorn-like fruits of the Pimenta dioica plant, better known as allspice. Predominantly produced in Jamaica, pimento berry finds a variety of use within spice blends, seasonings, and meat marinades. The powerful flavor of this oil combines peppery freshness with clove-like warmth, making it excellent for any spicy or savory blend. In fragrance, pimento berry oil imparts a warm, fresh, and clean odor, with a tenaciously spicy dry down. This masculine aroma is very popular among colognes and aftershaves, particularly when blended with ginger, lavender, or orris root.

Botanical Name of Pimento Berry Oil

Pimenta Officinalis

Appearance of Pimento Berry Oil

Yellow-Amber Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Pimento Berry Oil


Principle Constituents of Pimento Berry Oil


Refractive Index of Pimento Berry Oil

1.5270 - 1.5400 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Pimento Berry Oil

1.0180 - 1.0480 @ 25C

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