Description of Pinus Oil Pumilio

Pinus Oil Pumilio is steam-distilled from the leaves and twigs of the Pinus Pumilio tree, a species of pine native to central Europe. Also known as “Dwarf Siberian Pine,” this oil lacks the sharpness expected of more typical pine varieties, substituting it with balsamic, spicy, and slightly woody notes. Pinus pumilio oil also has hints of cypress and juniper, adding further complexity when used in woody or piney fragrances. In perfumery, this oil can also be used alongside IsoBornyl Acetate, enhancing spicy, citrus, or ginger-like notes.

Botanical Name of Pinus Oil Pumilio

Pinus Pumilionis

Appearance of Pinus Oil Pumilio

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Pinus Oil Pumilio


Refractive Index of Pinus Oil Pumilio

1.4750 - 1.4800 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Pinus Oil Pumilio

0.8530 - 0.8710 @ 25C

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