Description of Rose Absolute Maroc

Also known as “Rose Absolute Centifolia,” this extract is derived from the concrete of Rosa Centifolia flowers grown throughout Morocco. The extract has a rich and sweet aroma, with deep floral complexity paired alongside a sticky honey-like nuance. The odor of rose absolute Maroc is highly tenacious, making it some of the most extensively used ingredients in fine fragrance. Outside of perfumery, this absolute finds some use in flavor, where it can impart a delicate yet pleasant taste that can soften synthetic fruit or floral blends. Rose absolute Maroc typically blends well with ingredients such as jasmine, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Botanical Name of Rose Absolute Maroc

Rosa x damascena

Appearance of Rose Absolute Maroc

Red Viscous Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Rose Absolute Maroc


Principle Constituents of Rose Absolute Maroc

Phenethyl Alcohol

Refractive Index of Rose Absolute Maroc

1.4800 - 1.5200 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Rose Absolute Maroc

0.9450 - 0.9950 @ 25C

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