Description of Rose Oil Turkish

Brought to Turkey by Bulgarian immigrants during the late 19th century, Rose Oil Turkish is derived from the same Rosa damascena flowers as its Eastern European counterpart, though the oil retains a cleaner, more fruity aroma. In perfumery, Turkish rose oil is used for its rich, sweet, and floral body, imparting a powerful rose odor to almost any fragrance accord. Turkish rose also retains a higher amount of citronellol and geraniol when compared to its Bulgarian cousin, providing it with a stronger, sweeter, and fruitier top note.

Botanical Name of Rose Oil Turkish

Rosa Damascena

Appearance of Rose Oil Turkish

Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Rose Oil Turkish


Refractive Index of Rose Oil Turkish

1.4570 - 1.4630 @ 30C

Specific Gravity of Rose Oil Turkish

0.8480 - 0.8630 @ 30C

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