Description of Sage Oil, Clary

Sometimes classified under the French name “essence sauge sclarée,” Clary Sage oil is a fragrant material steam-distilled from the flowering tops of the Salvia sclarea plant. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean regions, Clary Sage oil has since spread across Europe and North America, providing its soft and herbaceous aroma to a variety of products. In fragrance, its woody and slightly sweet undertones are often compared to tobacco or balsam, with a unique tea-like quality that works especially well alongside ingredients such as lavender and chamomile. Clary Sage oil can also be used as a fixative within colognes and “Oriental” style fragrances, adding body to citrus oils and natural musks.

Aroma & Flavor of Sage Oil, Clary

Soft and herbaceous, similar to tobacco, balsam, and tea leaf. Also retains a woody and slightly sweet nuance.

Botanical Name of Sage Oil, Clary

Salvia sclarea







EXTRACTION method of Sage Oil, Clary


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