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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2022

Prices remain stable, though demand is still flat.

Description of Sandalwood Oil Australian

With many new plantations coming of age after over 10 years of maturation, Sandalwood Oil Australian has become increasingly more available for perfumery use around the world. Steam-distilled from the wood of the Santalum spicata tree, the oil is only native to Australia and carries a uniquely soft and woody aroma. This differs from Indian sandalwood, whose aroma tends to be less woody due to the higher levels of sweet santalol components. In perfumery, Australian sandalwood oil is incredibly tenacious, retaining a sweet and balsamic dry down that works well in many linalool-based formulations.

Aroma & Flavor of Sandalwood Oil Australian

The Australian variety of Sandalwood tends to be a bit more woody than the Indian variety due to the lower levels of the sweet santalol components. It has a balsamic-woody note, excellent tenacity and fixative properties.

Botanical Name of Sandalwood Oil Australian

Santalum spicata

Appearance of Sandalwood Oil Australian

Pale Yellow Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Sandalwood Oil Australian


Refractive Index of Sandalwood Oil Australian

1.4980 - 1.5200 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Sandalwood Oil Australian

0.9450 - 0.9800 @ 25C

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