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Latest Market Info: 7/23/2021 0:00:01

Prices remain stable, though demand is still flat.

Description of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka

The original source of sandalwood and its many derivative products, Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon) has been producing Sandalwood Oil for over 4000 years. As one of the oldest ingredients in the perfume industry, Sri Lankan sandalwood has appeared in a variety of fragrance blends, from Oriental floral accords to the unique Indian “attars.” Sri Lankan sandalwood oil has a sweet, woody, and balsamic aroma, with incredible tenacity and a unique animal-like undertone. This aromatic complexity has carried sandalwood oil’s reputation throughout the centuries, solidifying it as one of the core components of fine fragrance.

Botanical Name of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka

Santalum album

Appearance of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka


Refractive Index of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka

1.5000 - 1.5100 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka

0.9650 - 0.9800 @ 25C

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