MARKET INFO of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

Latest Market Info: Mar, 2023

Global consumption of pink peppercorn has increased dramatically this year, with some industries even doubling their previous numbers. COVID-19 has presented multiple issues in producing regions, with factories shutting down amidst staff shortages. Availability is tight and demand is strong.

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Description of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

Steam distilled from the fruit of the pink peppercorn tree, Pink Pepper Oil has a sweeter, fruiter fragrance than the more traditional black pepper alternatives. While the oil does retain the spicy odor expected from black peppercorns, pink pepper blends extremely well with floral and citrus odors, making it much more versatile for perfumery purposes. The added complexity of its sweet, fruity nuances also allows the oil to enhance the flavor profiles of herbal, vegetable-like ingredients including clove, rosemary, and sage. A unique alternative to black pepper oils for both flavor and fragrance purposes, Pink Pepper Oil can instantly add a spicy, fruity complexity to almost any product.

Aroma & Flavor of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

Its aroma is fresh, sweet, and woody with a present but subdued spiciness. More creamy than Black Pepper Oil on the dry down this ingredient has a has a sharp and persistent woody note. It adds effervescence and a piquant sparkle to top notes. Mid notes benefit from its sweet, gingery, lime-like facets especially in masculine fragrances. At the base its light woody note adds further depth to wood accords.

Botanical Name of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

Schinus molle

Appearance of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

Very Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)


Refractive Index of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

1.4730 - 1.4850 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)

0.8300 - 0.8800 @ 25C

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