Description of Siamwood Oil

Originally introduced by French merchants importing material from what was previously known as Indochina, Siamwood Oil is steam-distilled from the wood shavings of Fokienia hodginsii trees. Also known as “Siam Wood Oil,” the material’s aroma is woody and balsamic, with a pleasant top note reminiscent of cedarwood. Siamwood also retains a unique floral nuance, eventually transitioning into a clean and woody drydown. Siamwood oil is most commonly used as a fixative ingredient within perfumery, where it imparts a woody and “natural” odor to pine-based fragrances, particularly those that incorporate Texas or East African cedarwood.

Botanical Name of Siamwood Oil

Fokienia hodginsii

Appearance of Siamwood Oil

Amber Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Siamwood Oil


Refractive Index of Siamwood Oil

1.3980 - 1.5980 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Siamwood Oil

0.8160 - 1.0160 @ 25C

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