Description of Spearmint Oil Native

Spearmint is a massive industry within the United States, as the nation was the world’s first large-scale producer of the crop for commercial use. Largely responsible for the plant’s current worldwide popularity, the country still produces spearmint on a large scale, with the majority of production located in the Midwest & Pacific Northwest. American Spearmint Oil fulfills many of the same roles as eastern spearmint varieties, though it has a distinctly different aroma and flavor. The American oil is sweeter and more herbaceous than its Chinese counterpart, which makes American spearmint oil a particularly appealing ingredient within candies and other flavor applications.

Aroma & Flavor of Spearmint Oil Native

American Spearmint Oil still fulfills the same roles as eastern Spearmints but it does have a distinct aroma and flavor. It is a bit more sweet-herbaceous than the Chinese variety which tends to be drier.

Botanical Name of Spearmint Oil Native

Mentha spicata

Appearance of Spearmint Oil Native

Pale Yelow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Spearmint Oil Native


Principle Constituents of Spearmint Oil Native


Refractive Index of Spearmint Oil Native

1.4870 - 1.4910 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Spearmint Oil Native

0.9170 - 0.9340 @ 25C

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