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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2023

Rainfall has intensified in northern South Africa, which is where many tagetes farms are located. Rain typically makes it more difficult to harvest seeds from flower heads, which was an issue for the crop in 2019. We are currently waiting to see what effect this weather will have for the 2022 crop season.

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Description of Tagetes Oil South African

Tagetes Oil is steam-distilled from the flowers of the Tagetes minuta plant, also known as “Southern Marigold,” “Wild Marigold,” and “Black Mint.” The aroma of this oil is warm, green, and herbaceous, with fruity and slightly bitter nuances. Tagetes is native to South America, though the plant has found success in a variety of regions, including South Africa, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe. As such, the oil has found extensive use throughout the world of fragrance, particularly among fougere and chypre style perfumes.

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Aroma & Flavor of Tagetes Oil South African

Powerfully warm and herbaceous, with a green and fruity top note.

Botanical Name of Tagetes Oil South African

Tagetes minuta

Appearance of Tagetes Oil South African

Yellow Orange Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Tagetes Oil South African


Refractive Index of Tagetes Oil South African

1.4800 - 1.5150 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Tagetes Oil South African

0.8550 - 0.9000 @ 25C

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