Description of Thyme Oil White

Thyme Oil White is often a redistilled version of red thyme oil, though its differences in odor and color have earned the ingredient a nomenclature of its own. Similar to red thyme, the oil’s aroma is spicy and herbaceous, with an intensely rich and tenacious body that works exceptionally well in culinary products. However, white thyme oil is also generally sweeter and less terpenic than red thyme, retaining a softer and more nuanced herbal character. Its lack of coloration makes the oil much more optimal for use in lotions, cosmetics, and other items in which color is crucial.

Aroma & Flavor of Thyme Oil White

Sweeter and less terpenic than red thyme, though the oil still retains all of thyme’s warm, spicy, and herbaceous nuances.

Botanical Name of Thyme Oil White

Thymus vulgaris

Appearance of Thyme Oil White

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Thyme Oil White


Principle Constituents of Thyme Oil White


Refractive Index of Thyme Oil White

1.4950 - 1.5050 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Thyme Oil White

0.9150 - 0.9350 @ 25C

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