Vetiver Oil Haitian is steam-distilled from the dried and washed roots of the fragrant Vetiveria zizanioides grass. This grass grows abundantly across the hills of southwestern Haiti and has remained a ubiquitous component of the fragrance industry for centuries. The oil’s combination of sweet, earthy, and woody notes has kept Vetiver Oil Haitian in use since the very origins of modern perfumery; demand for the material can be found dating back to the first European expeditions within the Caribbean. Since then, Haitian Vetiver Oil has only grown in prominence among international communities as a core component of perfumery. The material plays an integral role in the island’s economy and supports thousands of Haitian families through its reliable source of income. In fragrance, Vetiver Oil Haiti is treasured for its smooth and rich aroma. The showcases an intriguing array of amber notes that deviate from the traditional “smokiness” inherent in other varieties of vetiver.