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Latest Market Info: Jan, 2022

Prices have firmed on this material; the new season in Haiti is technically scheduled to begin over the next few weeks. However, the socio-political situation in the country remains challenging due to high fuel costs, diesel shortages, increased production costs, and other logistical issues. Berjé retains ample stock of this material due to our local support and close partnership with the oldest distillery in Haiti.

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Description of Vetiver Oil Haitian

Vetiver Oil Haitian is steam-distilled from the dried and washed roots of the Vetiveria zizanioides grass that grows abundantly across the hills of southwestern Haiti. This grass has been a ubiquitous component of the fragrance industry for centuries, renowned for its combination of sweet, earthy, and woody base notes. As such, vetiver oil has use dating back to the very origins of modern perfumery, which has kept the material in high demand across a variety of global markets. With such heavy demand from so many international buyers, Haitian vetiver oil plays a crucial role in the island's economy and has allowed thousands of Haitian families to support themselves through the production and distillation of vetiver. Haitian vetiver, in particular, is treasured among perfumers for its smooth and rich aroma; the oil showcases an interesting array of amber notes rather than the typical smokiness inherent in vetiver harvested from other regions.

Aroma & Flavor of Vetiver Oil Haitian

Intensely sweet, earthy, and woody; the Haitian variety is treasured for its smooth, rich qualities that place emphasis on vetiver's amber-like facets, rather than its inherent smokiness.

Botanical Name of Vetiver Oil Haitian

Vetiveria Zizanioides





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