Description of Wormwood Oil European

A rich, multifaceted oil made famous by its use within the European spiced liqueur known as “Absinthe,” Wormwood Oil European is a versatile ingredient that goes far beyond the realm of specialty alcohol. The oil’s aroma is camphoraceous and slightly sweet, paired with herbal and green middle notes that create a powerful combination within herbaceous fragrance blends. Wormwood’s dry down is long and tenacious, retaining warm, dry, and woody undertones that have long been of interest to fine fragrance formulators. In flavor, Wormwood is quite popular among European cuisine, and the oil plays a key role in the production of Vermouth.

Aroma & Flavor of Wormwood Oil European

Green and herbaceous, with an intensely sharp-fresh top note. The oil's body exhibits a deep, dry, warm-woody note that is particularly interesting in herbal fragrance accords. Its flavor is bitter yet pleasant, retaining a similar green-herbaceous note.

Botanical Name of Wormwood Oil European

Artemisia absinthium







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