Description of Yarrow Oil (Milfoil)

Yarrow Oil is steam-distilled from the flowers and leaves of the Achillea millefolium plant, also known as “Milfoil.” The plant has a variety of cultural uses and folklore surrounding it, originally cultivated for its astringent effects within early medicine. The very name “Achillea” is rumored to have come from Achilles, a hero of ancient Greek mythology who supposedly used the herb to treat his wounded soldiers. In modern markets, yarrow oil is renowned by perfumers for its refreshingly sweet and herbaceous aroma, exhibiting a green top note that eventually gives way to dry and woody undertones. Yarrow blends well with ingredients such as lavender, oakmoss, and blue chamomile.

Aroma & Flavor of Yarrow Oil (Milfoil)

Sweet and fresh, with a green and herbaceous top note. Upon drydown, the oil becomes woody and dry, retaining a deep sweetness.

Botanical Name of Yarrow Oil (Milfoil)

Achillea Millefolium







EXTRACTION method of Yarrow Oil (Milfoil)


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