Description of Avocado Oil

Cold-pressed from the green flesh of the Persea americana fruit, Avocado Oil has a sweet and fatty odor. The thick viscosity of this oil makes it especially popular among heavy shampoos, lotions, and other "deep cleaning" personal care products designed to promote skincare effects. The flavor of avocado oil does not carry the same strong profile of the fruit's actual meat, though it still retains a grassy, lightly nutty nuance.

Aroma & Flavor of Avocado Oil

Fatty and sweet, with a somewhat nutty nuance. Taste is very mild and green, does not carry the strong flavor typically associated with avocado flesh.

Appearance of Avocado Oil

Pale Yellow Liquid





Refractive Index of Avocado Oil

1.4680 - 1.4750 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Avocado Oil

0.9080 - 0.9160 @ 25C

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