MARKET INFO of Linalyl Acetate Natural

Latest Market Info: Oct, 2021

Very limited availability from US origin; prices overseas are also very firm at this time. This trend is expected to remain firm until Q1/2022.

Description of Linalyl Acetate Natural

A versatile aromatic chemical somewhat reminiscent of Bergamot and Pear, Linalyl Acetate FCC is a sweet and green oil with fresh and floral undertones. Used in perfumery for its sweet and slightly spicy nuance, this aromatic blends exceptionally well with other citrus ingredients. In flavor applications, this chemical is used for a variety of imitation berry and citrus blends.

Aroma & Flavor of Linalyl Acetate Natural

Fresh and sweet, with a floral and somewhat green nuance. Odor is somewhat reminiscent of bergamot and citrus.

Botanical Name of Linalyl Acetate Natural

C. Bigarradia Loisel

Appearance of Linalyl Acetate Natural

Colorless Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Linalyl Acetate Natural

Steam Distillation

Assay of Linalyl Acetate Natural


Refractive Index of Linalyl Acetate Natural

1.4480 - 1.4580 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Linalyl Acetate Natural

0.8970 - 0.9070 @ 25C

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