Description of Maltol Natural

An aromatic chemical used to impart a warm and sweet odor, Maltol Natural is commonly used throughout the flavor and fragrance industry for its heavy resemblance to caramel. On the aromatic side, this aromatic is typically utilized in low quantities to enhance fruity flavors, providing a unique rose-like nuance alongside its inherent sweetness. However, most formulations utilize Maltol for its flavor component, as it provides an intensely sweet and jammy taste that can be used almost anywhere, from canned soups to marmalades.

Aroma & Flavor of Maltol Natural

Sweet and caramellic, with a warm and jammy taste. Odor is fruity and somewhat rose-like, blending well with other fruit-based mixtures.

Appearance of Maltol Natural

White Crystlline







Assay of Maltol Natural


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