August, 2021

According to Colorado State University hurricane researchers, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be above-average. As ocean temperatures continue to rise around the globe, the influx of warm water provides additional fuel for storm patterns, increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather. The absence of El Niño also plays a vital factor in the increase of storm cells. El Niño increases upper-level westerly winds across the Caribbean, tearing apart hurricanes before they get a chance to fully form.

Without this weather pattern present, the CSU meteorology team predicts 18 named storms this season, five of which have already formed. These predictions are based on a statistical analysis of the region that has been ongoing for 40 years. Overall, this means that the 2021 hurricane activity will contain about 120% of normal storm activity; less than the 145% contained by 2020’s hurricane season, but still by no means ideal. Buyers should expect logistical issues typical of the Atlantic and Caribbean region during peak hurricane season.


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Sean Farley