July, 2022

After enduring over 9 months of intensified drought, California continues to suffer beneath the weight of its extraordinarily dry conditions. Over 97% of the state is currently experiencing “severe” drought status, with a further 60% in the “extreme” status. At least 12% of the state has entered “exceptional” drought status, which is the highest possible intensity recorded within the U.S. Drought Monitor. California’s entire Central Valley is now encompassed by extreme drought status, and exceptional drought covers much of San Joaquin Valley. These are major centers of agriculture within the state, and while recent conditions have improved since 2021, the state is still in the midst of its worst drought in over 1,200 years.

The unprecedented three-year drought has required residents from all over the state to reduce their water consumption, particularly those in southern counties. This rule also applies to agriculture within the state; growers have reduced their production area by almost 200,000 hectares according to a report by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. These conditions will cost the state’s agriculture an estimated $1.2 billion in losses during the 2022 season. Farmers in Fresno and the Sacramento River Valley have even abandoned their fields due to lack of water access for simple irrigation.

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center reports that the current California drought is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Berjé sources a handful of natural oils from California growing communities including lemon oil, orange oil, and peppermint oil. We will continue to provide individual product updates as new information becomes available.

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Sean Farley