May, 2022

A recent report by the Indonesian Weather Agency indicated that the nation’s dry season is likely to start later than usual in most areas. The primary cause of these weather conditions are after-effects leftover from La Niña. Conditions for May, June, and July are looking especially wet when compared to the region’s average rainfall, though they are expected to normalize later in the year. Overall, the Indonesian dry season is currently expected to be much wetter than usual in key growing regions, which will adversely affect the harvest of numerous crops.

Products such as citronella oil, clove oil, and clove derivatives are all expected to suffer as a result of this increased rainfall. Patchouli and nutmeg are also heavily reliant on warm and dry conditions to produce their essential oils. Wet biomass has a significantly lower oil content than dried materials, and an unexpected influx of rain can make it extremely difficult for local producers to keep their crops in good conditions for oil extraction. Berjé will continue to monitor the conditions in Indonesia and provide regular crop updates via our Markets & Updates news feed.

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