September, 2021

On September 19th, Super Typhoon Chanthu swept its way across East Asia, barreling past two of China’s busiest ports. This event caused ports to suspend their operations for 2 days in several terminals, including terminals within the Port of Shanghai. Shanghai is the world’s busiest container port by volume, and operations were also suspended in the nearby Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, which is the world’s 3rd busiest.

At its peak, Chanthu sustained winds upwards of 160 mph, making it equivalent in strength to a Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane. These winds, combined with the extreme rainfall, caused severe disruptions in the Shanghai area upon its approach. Shanghai, as well as the adjacent Zhejiang province, cancelled most flights in the region, suspended schools, and halted train services. These airport and port disruptions have accentuated the already-existing global crisis within trade.

(Source: CNN)

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Sean Farley