April, 2022

The indigenous plants, botanicals, and people of Sri Lanka have all been near and dear to Berjé for decades. Since the dawn of perfumery, the nation of Sri Lanka has existed as an irreplaceable component of our industry, responsible for growing and developing countless materials that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Berjé has worked closely with Sri Lanka to provide many of these materials to our customers, establishing long-term relationships with local growers and distilleries across the island. Sri Lanka is the original source of cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf. They also play a crucial role in the production of clove, citronella, nutmeg, and many other items that make our flavors and fragrances so wonderful. The island is truly one of a kind, and its people are some of the warmest and most passionate we’ve met within our industry.

Unfortunately, recent events within the country have caused a near-total collapse of the Sri Lankan economy. Essentials have grown scarce. Imports have all but halted. The tragedy of this collapsing economy was born from a confluence of global issues: mismanagement of international debt, lack of income from tourism due to the pandemic, and a closure of supply lines wrought from the circumstances of war in Europe. Life for the people of Sri Lanka has been disrupted, leaving some desperate for intervention and in need of assistance.

Berjé will continue to support our local producers and growing communities located in Sri Lanka, providing our business to them in the same manner that we always have. During times of crisis, farming families and local communities need our help more than ever. Berjé is proud to stand by our relationships with Sri Lankan producers and offer assistance whenever we can.

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Sean Farley