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2019 Flavor Trend

In attempts to capture both the vegan and carnivore, vegan Jerkys made from wheat proteins, vegetable proteins, dehydrated beans and other meat alternatives have surfaced along with the meatless alternative trends but, none quite like the boom of Mushroom Jerky.  Brands like Pan’s™ and SHROOMS™ demonstrate all of the elements needed to fit in today’s trending product world boasting health benefits, low saturated fats, gluten-free, vitamin-rich, and high fiber paired with a series of stellar flavors, packaged beautifully.  What makes mushroom jerky stand aside from other vegan jerky is the short ingredient list.  Mushroom jerky brands are mainly just that, mushroom and its inherent umami flavor.  These plant based delights are currently available in standard flavors such as mesquite barbecue and spicy jalapeño but also serve as a vehicle for some adventure seen in flavors like pizza, chocolate chunk, zesty thai and curry.