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2019 Flavor Trend

A noticeable label theme was present throughout the Natural Products Expo, across all new products, separating them into two categories: simplified, bare, minimal labeling and the opposite side of the spectrum are brands squeezing every attainable benefit into their product.There are very few new products on the spotlight shelves not fitting within this simple, purist product category or a jam-packed, complex, enhancement.  The latter example is shown well through the brand Flow™ which offers an alkaline water with a defined pH, naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes, 100% sustainably sourced, eco-friendly packaging, and organic tea flavoring or Vibe™ which similarly offers an organic black tea, made with artesian spring water, containing natural electrolytes, with 1 gram of sugar, 48mg of caffeine, BPA, plant based cap, made with 68% renewable materials and multiple natural flavor options.  This trend of label claims or simple lack-thereof is being pushed to extremes on both sides.  Whether you are a consumer looking for untouched fundamentals or one product to cover all of your lifestyle’s needs, you are bound to find a new product coming to your local retailer.