About Strawberry Citrus Infusion Tea

A refreshing blend of summertime berries, citrus, and flower petals, Strawberry Citrus Infusion provides a remarkably delectable mixture of teas that is best enjoyed on hot summer days. The bright sweetness of raspberry and strawberry leaves is contrasted by subtle notes of rose and hibiscus, adding further complexity to this deeply rejuvenating medley. Its finish retains long-lasting zesty undertones provided by orange peels and cardamom seeds.


Ingredients available in:

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Orange Oil

Light, fresh, and fruity, with an aldehydic tinge that provides orange with its trademark odor.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO

Rose Oil

Warm and floral, with a powdery and somewhat watery quality. The Bulgarian variety carries a unique clove-like spiciness.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO


Powerfully camphoraceous, with a strong sweet-spicy top note that blends well with many other ingredient types.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO

Raspberry Leaves

WHC Botanicals

Strawberry Leaves

WHC Botanicals


WHC Botanicals