About Zesty Summer Lemon Tea

A spicy, juicy blend of classic Fall flavors, Countryside Apple Cinnamon helps to warm the palette against shrinking daytime and chilly autumn winds. With immediate notes of cinnamon, orange, apple, and rooibos, this flavorful mix has a satisfyingly nostalgic flair, practically radiating with soft, comforting aromas. These classic flavors and odors are contrasted by hibiscus and luo han guo, adding a unique herbaceous tinge and sweetness.


Ingredients available in:

Conventional Oils Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Botanical Organic EO Organic EO

Ginger Oil Fresh

Warm, spicy, and slightly woody, with a particularly refreshing top note reminiscent of citrus fruit.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO

Licorice Root

WHC Botanicals

Lemon Oil

Fresh and sweet, retaining a
pleasantly fruity top note. The flavor retains an intense likeness to the zesty
of fresh lemons.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO


Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO